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About the training's programme

We are glad to present you the 3rd leadership programme which took place at the Shree Adarsha Secondary School in Tarsapu, located in the Dhadhing district, from 11th to 13 th of August, 2017.

This training benefited all the members of the school committee, the teachers, the principal and students, for a total of 23 people. The project coordinator of the Association Ek Pahila, Madhab Shrestha was also present for the organization and coordination of this programme.

The training allowed all the participants to understand the different teaching techniques and the implementation of a strategy for the school for the medium and long term thanks to the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Some pictures from this training's programme

Since 2016, the Association Ek Pahila has already organized 3 training programs in the schools of Shree Kalika in Dhola , Shree Saraswati in Badal Gaun and Shree Adarsha in Tarsapu.

The implementation of these trainings enabled each school to develop a better strategy and to have a clearer and more precise vision of their school over the long term.

Video projector's donation

Thank you!

We are currently preparing a video which will present the testimonies of the participants.

We would like to warmly thank our private donors without whom we would not have organized and fund the training and the video projector.