What is “Ek Pahila Foundation” ?

Ek Pahila is a humanitarian foundation for children. Since 2011, Ek Pahila has drastically improved the physical and pedagogical conditions of public schools managed by local communities in Nepal.

 What is the scope of our work ?

Following a misunderstanding by our non-French visitors and donors, the term “Foundation” is a French translation of a nonprofit humanitarian organisation. The Ek Pahila Foundation has in no way a foundation status; it is recognised under the law of 1901 as French association under the name “Association Ek Pahila”.

 What areas of work do you work in?

Our areas of work include:

  • Hygiene, through the creation of water supply systems and storage systems, or the construction/renovation of school toilets.
  • The renovation and improvement of schools infrastructures, coupled with the construction of classrooms and providing new teaching materials.
  • Sustainable development projects through the development of local economy projects for the development of financial independence of schools.

For more information, please visit this page.

Why don’t you have child sponsorship programs ?

The funds collected are allocated to the school projects; renovating the infrastructure, improving the learning conditions for students, and providing the pedological support required for a good educational atmosphere. However, it would be too expensive for a small organisation, like ours, to maintain communication between a child and the donor. Furthermore, it is essential for ethical reasons to protect the privacy of the children we help.

Do you have any permanent staff on the field ?

Yes, get acquainted with the staff on the ground through visiting this page. 

How can I remain updated and in touch with your projects ?

Subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us through email at, to register to our unique informative emails.



Where does your funding come from ?

The funding comes from private donors, grants from other foundations, and corporate partnerships.

How is your budget organised ?

In 2015, Ek Pahila allocated 95% of the funds collected towards its projects and 5% were allocated to bank charges (international bank transfer costs) and mailing shipments to private donors.



I would like to support the foundation, what are the ways available for me ?

  • Debit: You can also choose the regular sponsor option by direct debit or systematic withdrawals by clicking here.
  • Unique Donation: You can donate directly online on our website, or by clicking here.
  • Solidarity Events: You can mention Ek Pahila in your organised gathering (such as birthdays, weddings, etc..), in an academic atmosphere such as schools (“Children’s Drawings” Project , “Rice Bowl” Project), or through a partnered sponsorship.

For more information, please visit this page.



How do I benefit from my tax deduction right by making donations to the Ek Pahila Foundation ?

Every donation qualifies for a tax reduction equal to 75% of the original donation amount (within the limit of € 529). If your donations exceed € 529, the tax reduction becomes 66% of the original donation amount (within the limit of 20% of your taxable income). Beyond this limit, you can postpone for 5 years the amount of the excess and benefit from the tax reduction under the same conditions. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

On my tax return (tax declaration), where do I report my donations to Ek Pahila Foundation ?

On your tax return, register your donation in the box 7UD. If you paid more than € 530, register € 529 in the 7UD box and fill in the supplementary amount in the 7UF box. For example, for a total donation of €1,000, € 529 is registered in the box 7UD and 471 € in the 7UF box.

Can I defer the tax deduction that I receive ?

A tax receipt has a 5-year validity period. You can declare your donation and provide the tax receipt during this period.

How can I obtain a duplicate of my tax receipt?

To obtain a duplicate, contact us by email at or by post at : Association EK PAHILA, 18 place du gévaudan 34090 Montpellier.

When will I receive my tax voucher (justification) ?

For a one-time donation, the tax receipt is sent upon the receiving of your donation. If you are registered through debit, we will send you a tax receipt for your donation by the end of the year, before 31 December.