About us: Ek Pahila Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 in France and is also registered in Nepal under the same name. It aims to help poorly funded government community schools in Nepal by refurbishing the educational facilities within the school, providing assistance for further infrastructural development and implementing income generating projects through which the school and its community can mutually benefit.

Our work: Ek Pahila’s projects are mainly targeted towards government funded community schools in rural areas mostly located outside Kathmandu valley where the majority of people belong to poor, underprivileged and marginalized communities. The organization is dedicated to improving the educational environment in public schools by providing all necessary materials for refurbishing and construction. Alongside, it also aims to enable the school management committee, teachers, students, parents and the local community to work together for their common benefit.

Our areas of work include:

noun_4335Hygiene: To ensure a healthy and hygienic learning environment for the students, the foundation prioritizes the construction and the renovation of school toilets.

noun_129640_ccInfrastructure: To ensure that students also have access to proper
educational materials, the foundation renovates and furnishes classrooms, sets up science laboratories, a school library and also provides educational toys and teaching materials.

noun_488192_ccSustainability: In partnership with the school management committee, Ek Pahila Foundation also helps schools to establish an income generating activity such as farming or cattle rearing. These projects are designed so that community schools that are usually poorly funded have a sustainable and an additional source of operating funds.

Some of the other projects accomplished in the past also include adult literacy sessions, health camps and hand-washing programs.

Ek Pahila Foundation assists government funded community schools in rural areas in Nepal to renovate and rebuild the school’s educational infrastructure.

Our organization works primarily with schools where there is a significant number of students from socially and economically marginalized communities.

Ek Pahila Foundation also seeks to implement self-sustainable projects in public schools whereby local resources are utilized for the benefit of the school and the local community.