School for the deaf children of Kathmandu

For our third project, Ek Pahila Foundation collaborated with the school for deaf children in Katmandou.

The school was founded in 1966 by the Nepali doctor L.N Prasad and his american wife Suzan Hermannan. 

The following is a list of the success achieved in this project:

  • The repair of 11 computers, and the purchase of a new one for the computer classroom.
  • The repair of 9 toilets with the stall doors, and the construction of a concrete pavement.
  •  The fabrication of desks for the kindergarten children.
  • The purchase of educative and pedagogical games and toys for the children of the preparatory class (learning sign language).
  •  The investment in sports games for all the students.
  • The renovation and reconstruction of six bathrooms.
The school is situated in the capital Katmandou, and welcomes 445 students with ages ranging from 3 to 20 years old.

The children benefit from many courses starting from learning sign language all the way up to university courses.
The first glimpse of success was in June 2013 and the final list of achievements was reached in March 2014.