Devisthan School

Ek Pahila’s first project consisted of renovating Deviskhan primary school, and improving its sanitary conditions.

 The changes and benefits for the children

  • The school did not have access to drinking water since 1977…
  • The kindergarten children had to sit on the floor, which was covered by a thin dusty cloth.
  • The two school buildings were strengthened by its walls and numerous stairs.
  • 36 parents now know how to read count, read, and write in Nepali.

Counting a principal, 3 teachers, and 350 students; of which the vast majority are girls, illustrates the parents true willingness to educate their daughters just like their sons.

Devisthan primary school was established in 1977 with the aid of the Ministry of Education of Nepal. The school provides classes ranging from kindergarten to the 7th grade.

The project and collaboration took 1 year and 2 weeks ( 1st of June 2011 – 15th of June 2012)