Housing for earthquake victims

After the disastrous earthquake of April 25th 2015, the families of 100 students and 7 teachers from Saraswati School, in the village of Badal Gaun, found themselves stranded with no shelter. Having previously collaborated with the school back in June 2014 for the renovation of their classrooms, Ek Pahila returned once again to solve this problem by constructing temporary housing.

Each shelter accommodates to 4 families. Construction started in may 2015; and 6 shelters were established in 6 weeks. Gradually, and according to the variety and availability of stock, all the materials were bought. This allowed each unit to look different than the other. The foundation  was faced by numerous difficulties: finding specialised craftsmen such as welders, and the fluctuating inflation rate which made the costs of the materials different each week. The parents of the students along side the teachers enthusiastically contributed to finalising the construction of these shelters, before the arrival of the monsoon season.

The initial budget was 16 000 euros for the establishment of 6 houses. However, thanks to your donations, we were able to construct 8 houses for a total of 11 666 euros. After  a discussion with the people, they preferred to build their own bathrooms. The remaining capital was re-allocated to the manufacturing of new school desks for the Badalguan School, and also to the reconstruction of Janakalyan School’s bathrooms…our latest project.

The families of Saraswati School’s students and teachers, in Badalgaun village, have been severely affected by the 2015 earthquake.

Each of those individual houses represents shelters for 4 families. Construction work began in May 2015. 8 shelters have been built in 6 weeks.

Ek Pahila Foundation started this project in May 2015. The project ended in July 2015.