Kali Devi School

For our second project, Ek Pahila Foundation supported the Kali Devi primary school. The school is located in the village of Lamatar, 20 kilometres from the capital Katmandou.

The main achievements are: 

  • The installation of a water stockage system, which is connected to faucets and the bathrooms.
  • The renovation of the kindergarten classroom, with the addition of toys and educative games.
  • The construction of a staircase that facilitates the students’s movement  from one building to the other.
  • The addition of 15 new school desks.
  • The addition of a computer, and laboratory equipment for the chemistry and physics students.

The school welcomes 174 students and is located in the village of Lamatar, 20 kilometres away from the capital Katmandou

Classes provided range from kindergarten to the 7th grade.

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