Shree Kalika School

As a follow up to the Shree Mahakali School project, Ek Pahila Foundation now aims to improve both the infrastructure as well as the equipment of the Shree Kalika School; located in the village of Dhola, situated in the same district of Dhading, around 100 km north-west of the capital.

The project consists of the following:

  • The renovation of the kindergarten classroom; painting the walls and the installation of a carpet allowing the children to take their first steps in good conditions. As well as providing them with new pedagogical material such as toys, educational games, and posters. 
  • The set-up of a physics and chemistry laboratory for the secondary school students, which includes painting the walls, manufacturing suitable furniture, and providing tools for practical seminars (microscopes, test tubes, skeleton, etc…) 
  • The reconstruction of the library; as well as stocking it up with books and dictionaries.


The school is located in the village of Dhola (6000 inhabitants), around 100 km north-west of Katmandou. It currently has 327 enrolled students.
The classes provided for the students range from kindergarten to high school.
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