Shree Mahakali School

Shree Mahakali School was established as a primary school in 1984, and by 2006 lower secondary and secondary classes were added. The school currently has 550 students, enrolled in classes ranging from kindergarten to grade 10. The school also has 15 teachers, including a headmaster.

The earthquake on the 25th of April 2015 had caused severe damage to the district of Dhading, especially the school.  The school’s infrastructure faced serious damage, which is being repaired at a very slow pace.

Despite all efforts, the school remains in desperate need of pedagogical support, classroom refurbishment, and scholastic material.

Therefore, Ek Pahila has decided to launch a new project that consists of 3 sectors:

  • Establishing a fully equipped science laboratory
  • Refurbishing the Kindergarten classroom
  • Restocking the school library

The school is located in the village of Pipaltar in the Dhading district, which is approximately 62 kilometres west from Kathmandu.

Classes provided range from Kindergarten to the 10th grade.

Association Ek Pahila has successfully implemented this project (March – June 2016) – read our news to know more about the project and discover our new projects 

The Science Laboratory

A well-equipped and clean science lab is necessary for any school teaching basic science. It allow students to have a first-hand experience beyond their books and overcomes the limitations of a conventional classroom.

In the absence of a basic science laboratory, the teacher at Shree Mahakali is unable to teach students of grade 8, 9 and 10 students effectively. This denies the students from the opportunity of grasping basic scientific concepts. Therefore, establishing a fully equipped science lab would greatly help them acquire practical scientific knowledge, and allow them to learn through experimentation.

Kindergarten Classroom

Unfortunately, the current studying environment at Shree Mahakali School is unfavorable for the children in the kindergarten class. At the moment, there are 24 children and a trained female kindergarten teacher. Without a proper classroom of their own, they are forced to sit on pieces of carpet put together on a dusty cement floor without proper insulation. Their current learning environment is below standard, and the lack of educational material makes it difficult for the teacher to teach effectively; hence, leaving the children’s understanding limited to their classroom experience.

Simple investments such as refurbishing and providing them with adequate learning materials would make a substantial impact on their education.

Library Restocking

Many books have gone missing from the school library. Those remaining are either old, torn, or both. No new books have been added since a fairly long time and at present the library has only about 800 books left. Restocking the library with a miscellaneous collection of books ranging from teacher’s guides to student handbooks will give both parties a chance to learn and engage with new and up to date material.