Updated news on the bridge construction

By 26/11/2016Uncategorized

Since June 2016, we have launched a fundraising campaign to be able to build a bridge between the two villages of Pida and Kumpur, representing a community of more than 30,000 habitants.

We had visited the site and met the residents who have to use it on daily basis to commute. We decided to present this project to you in a video allowing you to better understand the reality of the daily life of these habitants. The testimonies are poignant and each way passing with the cable is a fright for each one of them.

Eager to start the project, we contacted various schools specialized in architecture, bridges and highways through friends of friends and had also received good advice from experts. First, we wanted to raise enough funds to launch a feasibility study in order to be aware of the total budget of the project.

Months passed and during our last visit, the residents of Kumpur informed us that the “tuin” would soon be replaced by a suspension bridge, thanks to the Financing of the Nepalese government. The “rumor” was already running in recent weeks and it turned out to be true. We also found an article on the internet which presents the next bridge constructions that will replace the cables in the regions that are crossed by the Trisuli River (see article)

From Kumpur, it will be the tuin connected to the village of Gajuri which will be replaced by a bridge. In fact, it is not “the tuin” presented in the video (which leaves him from Kumpur to go to Pida) but it is still a good new since the community of Kumpur will be able to go to Gajuri for Join Pida. (See map below)
We would like to thank all of our donors and friends who have helped us with their best advice. We look forward to seeing the new bridge and post these photos in our news.